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Hoodies for hiding your face.... T Shirts for when its hot.... Sweatshirts for when its cold.... Girls clothing.... Stuff....
Hoodys for hiding your face.... T Shirts for when its hot.... Sweatshirts for when its cold.... Girls clothing.... Stuff....


Surfing Sites....

These are a few surfing sites we like

Surf, snow & street wear - t shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and other clothing designs.

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Surfing site

Global Surfers

Free surfing guides to world wide surf spots with pics, cams, surfschools and camp info

Surf site

Extreme Wipeouts

A site that shows the more extreme forms of wiping out of that tube

Carve surf magazine

Carve Magazine

English surf magazine with surf articles, beginners guides, techniques, schools and reviews

Tracks surf magazine

Tracks Magazine

Australia's Leading Surf Magazine

O'Neill Europe

O'Neill Europe

Pro surfing magazine

Surfing magazine

US magazine featuring articles, beach bettys, competitions & surf travel guides

Fluid concept

Fluid Concept

Online Surf Shop - Surfing, Surfboards and Surfing Pictures

Surfers village magazine

Surfers Village

Magazine & Virtual Community exclusively dedicated to surfing


Online surfing resource. A complete source for the surf community



Online location for Becker Surfboards. Becker first opened up in Hermosa Beach, California in 1974



Snowboarding, skatebording, surfing, ski-ing and kite-surfing clothing site

Wahine Surfing magazine


News, Magazine and Competition for women surfers

The Surfers Path

The Surfers Path

Online US & UK surfing magazine, with movies and travel features

Sea Specs

Sea Specs

Sunnies for extreme water sports

Dirty Dog

Dirty Dog

The ultimate in eyewear, sunglasses, clothing and accessories, ideal for extreme sports and leisure



Surf DVDs at surfer Prices!

The Ultimate Water Sports Directory: The Best Links about sailing, scuba diving, Fishing, yachting, boating, surfing, windsurfing, sailing vacations and much more...



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